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Product Number: Fba -0- 0008

Product Name: Aloe Leaf Pulp Dice

Product Source: The product is peeled from over-three-year fresh aloe leaves at Five Brothers bases.

Product description: The product is semi-transparent liquid with solid stuff, which have clear lines, with special aloe plant smell.

Packing specification: In non-bacteria vacuum plastic bag, 10kg per bag, packed by plastic barrel, 10 x 3 kg per barrel, on which product name, produce lot number, guarantee period and transportation label etc. are marked.

Storage requirements: Stored in normal atmospheric temperature; avoiding heat; avoiding light; and damp-proof. It cannot be stored over 24 hours in the temperature over 65C.

Guarantee period: It is usually three-month guarantee period if the product is unsealed and stored under the normal storage conditions.

Hygienic index:

Total No. of bacteria: 100/g
Leaf mold: 10/g
Nosogenetic bacteria: none

Physical and chemical index:

Size of pulp: 3mm C 3.5 cm, decided by customers
Content of solid stuff: 45%
PH: 3.5 C 5.5
Sugar index: 5 C 25, decided by customers

Usage: It is used in all sorts of healthy drinks.

Guaranty:The fresh aloe leaves used in the product are all from the aloe-planting base of Hainan Five Brothers Aloe Inc., where the aloe young plants of Aloe Barbadensis directly imported from the United States are planted and cultivated without social effects of pollution, and grow up naturally.

Explanation: The product can be produced by the standards according to customers requirements because the usages and requirements are different for different manufacturers.


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