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Aloe,a wonder plant that fuctions well in medical uses,beauty treatment,health care,dietary and decoration,is widely used as a kind of healthcare green products to cure the external wounds, regulate the internal organisms, strengthen one's immune system, condition the blood fat, resist radiation, delay aging, improve one's looks and hair quality, eliminate toxin ,and moisten one's skin. Famed as an "omnipotent herb" and "natural beauty specialist", it is favoured by the consumers in most of the countries in the world, and has very broad market prospects. Originated in the African tropical seaside, Aloe is characterized by its nature in "standing dry spell but not standing wet spell" and "standing hotness but not standing coldness". Hainan province belongs to typical tropical maritime climate and,with its fresh air and fertile sand soil,is the best aloe planting base in China. The aloe produced here is the best in quality and highest in useful contents.With its unique natural conditions and the local people's long-standing knowledge about aloe's wonderful functions, it will be selfevident that Hainan is China's biggest base in aloe researching and planting, and now more than 10,000 mu of aloe have already been planted here.However, little efforts had ever been made to process aloe products,and thus the three stages of aloe planting, processing and marketing and merchandising had been separated from one another.?

It is to answer for the call from the markets that Hainan Five Brothers Aloe Co.Ltd was founded. In order to wholly protect the biologically active elements in aloe,the company initially applied the technique of bio-chemically refining aloe in superlow temperature to the intensively? processing of aloe, and broke the technical bottleneck in aloe processing.In additin to this,the company also imported many advanced equipments and precision instruments, and set up China's first aloe processing factory in the U.S.A. Industry Village,Haikou Baoshui District. The factory was built up to the standard of high starting point and high orientation, and its first-stage yearly processing capacity is up to 50,000 tons of aloe.At present, the factory can produce a series of aloe products, namely,Decolorized Whole Leaf Aloe Gel Concentrata,Decolorized Aloe Gel Spray Powder, Chinese? Medicine? Aloe, Aloe Leaf Powder, Aloe Oil and Aloe Powder. The factory is also equipped with a consummate qualityguaranteeing system and qualitymonitoring system, and the products here are? completely up to the? Chinese quality standard concerning the relative products, and up to the international IASC and ARF standards.The factory also carries out the practice of processing special-use and special-standard aloe products to satisfy the special needs of the consumers.?

Hainan Five Brothers Aloe Co.Ltd is devoting itself to the aloe production in China,and is willing to be the one to go between aloe planting and aloe marketing,and we will wholeheartedly serve the consumers in the fields of cosmetics, medicine, healthcare, dietary and others.?

The purpose of Hainan Five Brothers Aloe Co.Ltd is to develop aloe products, spread aloe culture, and establish and popularize the new concept of human ecologic health in the? 21st century.?

The management ideology of Hainan Five Brothers Aloe Co.Ltd is that consumers are the key source for our company to survive in the market;techniques are the basis for our company to stand out in the market; to create new scientific techniques and present sincere services to the consumers is our everlasting soul of ideology.?

The developing target of Hainan Five Brothers Aloe Co. Ltd is that by setting up a first-rate factory and keeping our feet firmly planted in Hainan , we are trying our best to major in the processing of aloe products to provide excellent products to the consumers , and thus to be the top company in the same field.


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